The Worst Elton Blog On The Internet

Just because a person is an Elton fan, doesn't mean they have good taste. That is the lesson for today.

While roaming the .net for Elton related material, I ran across a blog I have never seen before. At first, I was excited. It looked as though this fan liked Elton in the 70's and had dedicated a blog to the era.

The blog states: "I created this blog for avid fans of Elton John's life and career in the 1970's."



What started out as promising, quickly dissolves into something completely disgusting within minutes. The blogger refers to Elton as fat, ugly, weird and old and says things like 'so-called Elton', implying that Elton isn't really Elton at all post 1979. Like he's an impostor or something. David cops it too, as does the likes of Queen, David Bowie, Lennon and of course, Lady Gaga. Then there is the rantings about how Elton and John Reid were this great couple and it was all ruined by Elton's insecurity (never mind the millions Reid had stolen...).

And as if all the insulting and thickly coated ugly words weren't enough, every picture on the blog is stamped with words saying not to copy, even though many of the photos can be found in seconds on other websites.

He's is right about one thing, he's entitled to his own opinions, it's a free world.

And, so am I. And as a true Elton John fan my opinion is the blog is a disgusting piece of work by someone who must be even more insecure and vile than he thinks Elton is. It's a waste of server space as far as I'm concerned. Pity, he gives no one the chance to voice their opinions, as all commentary options are removed.

Not really surprising though.

Click at your own risk: http://70seltonjohn.blogspot.com/

And when you are done, write a comment here and tell me your opinions on it.



Chloe said...

He/she talks about the sound of very gay man vomiting after listing to "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. Well after reading that blog I'm sure people heard me vomiting in my bathroom.

tanty said...

well..... i was so disgusted,all i wanted to do is physically hurt this so-called-man-fan.i know people out there hate elton for various reasons but you never expect a fan to have such hatred for him.i love the 1970's the best as my friends know,and i could daydream for life with elton on tour back then but i know life isn't like that.to me this nutter is living in the past and can't seem to get out of his timewarp.i pity him because he has such anger at elton for ageing, evolving, and putting on weight,like most people do.i think he is superficial and probably narcissistic and very immature.i won't read his blog again, because i don't want to get angry at a fellow fan, he isn't worth it.

Elton and Laura fan said...

First of all, this dude needs to be on some serious medication!
In a way I kinda understand the "era" thing,. As you all know I'm an 80's elton person, but this dude goes too far. Yes, I am not too fond of the current era, but I don't go around slamming him for it! And when this dude gets old and fat, is he gonna slam himself!
Most of this stuff he's posted is redily available elsewhere, as Reg stated to me on the phone . This dude has tottally lost grasp of reality, and needs help immediately!
As for the male Cher, Bob Makie designed for a lot of other people, why doesn't he call Elton the male Carol Burnette, or the male Vicki Lawrence?! "Mamma's Family" , starring Elton John! GET A GRIP DUDE!
Oh, and Chloe, I thought I heard something!

Anonymous said...

While checking back links to my blog I discovered your's was one.
Thanks for the cyber bully bullshit post and comments.
I ask that you remove this post/comments from your pathetic boring blog.
Your's isn't any better.

Bunch of fucking young assholes who never experienced the 70's.
What a joke...

Feel free to remove my comment afterwards. I only posted it because I couldn't find a contact link.

The Girl said...

^^^LMFAO!!! *rolls eyes*

Elton and Laura fan said...

Cyberbullying? Please elaborating where we were cyberbullying. If any were done, it was din by you, on the 1980+ Elton. Frankly I'm insulted, we are usually the kindest people you would find on the internet, but will say something when we think a "wrong" is being done.

Yes, most of us weren't around in the 70's, myself being the second oldest, born in 1976, but one of us has experienced the 70's.

Elton and Laura fan said...

Damn smartphone autocorrect!

tanty said...

I don't need to get a life because i have been a fan since the start,that means the 1970's kiddo.I am not young but i was when Elton toured with his latest album,GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD.It doesn't matter how old people are and to see someone evolve musically is an honour and i am one of the lucky ones.My elders used to tell me"IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING NICE THEN DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.If you had the ability you would take that on board and you wouldn't be so hated.I think if you are going to attack an idol such as Elton, then you have to accept there will be some negative feedback.If someone attacked you without provocation then you would say something back to them.So it is reasonable for us to comment on your narrow childish immature socially inept mind that is yours.If you find constructive criticism harsh and unfair then just imagine if Elton walked down the street and you approached him and told him what you thought of him but also told him you were a fan(?).How do you think he would react? If you are thinking with your small minded diatribe as a "normal person" and i use that loosely for you, then no matter what anyone says,you will just keep believing what you will.I really think your mind is stunted and there is really no help for you and so i feel very sorry for you and once i have had a sneeze and the contents of that sneeze is smarter than you, then i will forget you as quickly as that sneeze happens.I think you have such hatred in your cold heart and you direct it onto Eltn who can't defend himself,therefore you are a COWARD and if he knew you it wouldn't be for very long at all.I am glad i don't know you because if i did then it wouldn't last long either.

The Girl said...

Yeah I don't think it was cyber bullying either. I admit I went on a bit and took a few cracks at this person, but what I said still didn't compare to the enormous amount of hatred this person has for Elton on his site. I don't understand how someone can write all that in a public blog and not expect some kind of negative response. Yes, it's his blog, but he made it public, which I personally believe he does it for the attention but that's my personal opinion on the matter... In any case, I chose to publish his comment just like he published mine and I won't take any of it down, just like he did with me. Fair is fair. Oh...and we DO all have lives...that's why this blog is barely used...we are too busy with our real every day lives to have much time to post any more. We all aren't the ones who need to get a life.... ;)