Where Have All The Websites Gone

I haven't been on the internet so much in the last six or seven months, but when I do get the chance, I'm noticing many changes in the Elton online world. Most dramatic to me is how quickly the number of Elton fan sites has dwindled away. Today I went to yahoo.com and did a search for Elton fan sites and found almost nothing. It is a shame.

I remember the fun days of the early/mid 2000's, when there were so many fansites to browse on, many updated regularly. It made the entire Elton fan experience so exciting and greatly inspired me to keep up on my own website. Those were the days of endless creativity floating around and the new pictures, song leaks and fan arguments gave it all an addicting flare, where it seemed I couldn't help but look for new things everyday.

So where have all the websites gone? And why did they have to leave? It is sad to see them gone and the Elton community barely seems to have any life left to it, save for a rare few message boards where there aren't so many posts anymore.

Really, where have they all gone.



tanty said...

you do have a good point and i don't know the answer to that.i have to wonder if alot of negative people out there made some loyal fans turn their backs on their sites.most of us don't judge elton and we love the positive things he does and his music, but alot out there don't.just a thought.

Chloe said...

This brings to mind a good EJ song. Where have all the good times gone?

tanty said...

yeah it does, that's what i was thinking.

Elton and Laura fan said...

It's shocking.

Elton and Laura fan said...

I can't find mine in search unless I search the actual name of the site!