Elton John performing concert for Prop. 8 foes

Elton John performing concert for Prop. 8 foes

By Greg Hernandez

Hey, anytime Elton John is doing a concert that benefits the LGBT cause, I’m happy to spread the word.
And I’m also happy he’s not performing one for Rush Limbaugh – this time! (I still don’t get why Elton agreed to sing at Limbaugh’s wedding but am just going to have to get over it I reckon.)
My pal Ted Johnson over at ‘Variety’ reports: Elton John will perform a concert at the Beverly Hills estate of Ron Burkle on Jan. 19 to raise money for the legal challenge to Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

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tanty said...

that's a good idea, i remember hearing the result in that last election, not fair, and so ignorant.