Dancing with the Starts Judge Dances away in EJ's I'm Still Standing Video

 I thought this was interesting and had to share.  This has made news since one of the judges bashed Michael Bolton's Dancing.


Straight-Laced 'Dancing With The Stars' Judge Has Wild Video Background-Dancing Past

By Tara Ariano | Friday, October 1, 2010, 11:39 AM

  • Bruno Tonioli, working it in 2010 and 1983.
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As a judge on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," Bruno Tonioli alternates between explosive enthusiasm for the performances he likes, and stern disapproval for those he doesn't. Indeed, earlier this week he drew fans' ire by criticizing contestant Michael Bolton so harshly that Bolton demanded an apology (which Tonioli didn't give). But next week, Tonioli might discover that his authority over the show's contestants is somewhat compromised: the website for London's Daily Mail newspaper has published images of Tonioli dancing in the video for Elton John's "I'm Still Standing."
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In fairness to Tonioli -- who had been a choreographer and a judge on "Strictly Come Dancing," the British dancing competition-- the video dates from 1983, when a dancer in a slashed leotard was commonplace on MTV. But his wardrobe for the video (Tonioli changes outfits several times) is not only much more revealing than the tailored suits he wears to sit at the "Dancing" judges' table -- it probably wouldn't work for this season's male contestants, like Rick Fox and Kyle Massey (though The Situation could probably pull it off).

In the video, Tonioli's hilarious-in-hindsight performance includes posing outside a hotel in the aforementioned leotard, shaking it on the beach in some seriously tight pants, and suggestively popping up from a cabana with a female companion. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective) for "Dancing With The Stars" viewers, those bright-orange pants seem not to be an acceptable part of the judging wardrobe. The fashion of the early '80s is not, it seems, still standing.


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