Elton's Monte Carlo Gig Disrupted By Two Feuding Fans

SIR ELTON JOHN's recent residency in Monaco was rudely interrupted one night when two women began violently feuding in the audience.

The Rocket Man took to the stage at the Stars Room last week, performing five shows on consecutive nights from 2 August (10) as part of the Monte Carlo Sporting Summer Festival.

But two rich fans caused a fuss during one gig when a 70-year-old woman became embroiled in an argument with a younger concert attendee.

A source tells the New York Post's gossip column Page Six, "When (the) younger blonde turned around, (the 70 year old) grabbed her hair and pulled out a gigantic blonde weave."

The violence quickly escalated and security guards were forced to intervene to stop them from slapping and kicking one another before escorting the females from the venue.

But John refused to let the scuffle impact his show.

The witness says, "The crazy thing was that Elton never missed a beat. He noticed the brawl but kept on singing Tiny Dancer. It was unbelievable."


tanty said...

This made news here this morning, and i thought it was the funniest thing.Elton is the most professional performer just continuing to play for the rest of the audience.I am sure he and the band and the crew had a good laugh about it after the show.

Reggie said...

I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elton and Laura fan said...

She doest protest too mucheth!

Reggie said...


tanty said...

hey misty,i wanna know who you had the blue with and who won!!!!!!