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It was a partnership seemingly destined to fail. They met coincidentally after both responded to an ad for songwriters. Two vastly different people: one a sheltered suburban kid the other a country lad. As their partnership progressed, further differences revealed themselves and both men diverged and attempted other creative combinations, but Elton and Bernie always achieved their greatest successes as a team.

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Elton John is widely recognized as one of the greatest musical talents in modern pop music, but few beyond his most dedicated fans and music experts realize that his musical genius is largely limited to crafting melodies and arrangements. For the most part, Elton John does not write the words to his songs—the credit for his most memorable lyrics belongs almost entirely to Bernie Taupin, his first musical partner.
While Elton John has worked with different lyricists over the years, after four decades and a few creative separations, the consistently successful, yet unconventional, John-Taupin partnership continues. Elton John and Bernie Taupin differs from the biographies previously written by placing emphasis on the true collaboration between two musicians and gives special attention to the importance of the lyrics in each work's success or failure. Every chapter that pertains to a particular album includes a general analysis of that work as well as specific consideration of the most important songs.

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Catherine Andronik is a professional writer who has published a number of acclaimed literary biographies for young adults, including Wildly Romantic: The English Romantic Poets - The Mad, The Bad, and the Dangerous; Kindred Spirit: A Biography of L. M. Montgomery; Creator of Anne of Green Gables; and Prince of Humbugs: A Life of P. T. Barnum.

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