Sad News Confirmed

Last week Elton forums and message boards were reporting that Elton's stepfather Fred Farebrother had passed away. Without official word from the family I took it as being a rumor. I recently emailed Elton John.com and they confirmed the sad news. The family wished not to make a public statement yet. I completely understand there wishes.

From everyone at This Blog Has No Title our condolences.



Elton and Laura fan said...

You know Elton will be very upset. Derf will be missed.

Reggie said...

Thank you for emailing .com about it. We may here something from Elton in due time, or we may not. This is something very personal and he is not obligated to say anything to the public at all. I hope Elton, David, Sheila and the rest of the family are doing okay in their time of loss and have my condolences.

tanty said...

I think it is so sad Fred died, he was obviously a great father figure and support to Elton and the love of Sheilas life.I think the media shouldn't have told the world, and maybe we could have all found out the right way, the way the family wanted.

Chloe said...

I don't think it was the media. I think fans living in there area caught wind and decided to put it online.