My introduction

I am the second oldest out of the four of us. I tend to be the quietest. When I do have something to say, I do because I think it is important usually. Otherwise it's because I'm in a wiseass mood and feel like stirring things up!

I have been an Eltonite since 1988.

I would say I have an extensive knowledge on Elton. That is why I'm the moderator for the "Albums & Singles" section of the MB. I will freely admit I'm "Rainman" like. If anyone has a question, go ahead and ask, I'll try to answer it the best I can.

Feel free to nose around here and the MB. Post, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!


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Reggie said...

Thanks for posting an intro you old geezer...actually I'm kidding because Tanty is the old geezer... (hey she's like a zillion miles away, she can't throw anything at me from there!) :P

Yep I really do think you are like EJ Rainman. You kick our asses in any kind of game (which is a tad unfair when at least one of us has memory problems lol) and you are so fast at recalling Elton trivia.

You really shine in the albums department, you don't just know songs and albums, you know label makes and colors, etc. Amazes me all the time ;)