My Goodbye for Tonight

The other day Reggie and I were being sassy and writing poems back and forth. I wrote this one after we got off topic. It's not the best in the world but I figured I would share it. Its one of those moments I have of 5 minutes of genius in me.

His song

As youths they dreamed
Of imaginable fame
Success was no other option
for one little Pinner.

He played and played 'till his fingers bleed.
The other wrote the words the other sowed to tunes
Never meeting until one day, they shared a common bond no others share.

As two rooms at the end of the world collide.
These two different souls form into one
The bond they share unite them as one person, one mind, one soul.

Pinning the tunes that creates a yellow brick road.
Where poofs and straights can join hands
They say goodbye on that yellow brick road, to hate, fear, and the unknown.

They can rejoice in the magical songs these two boys wrote.
For years these two boys bring people together like you and I.

Since then they've walked down the yellow brick road to learn you can't go back.
If you try you fail.

Each are Sixty years on, how will they ride into the sunset?

Will they still bring people like you and I together.



Elton and Laura fan said...

That was aweome! *sticks two thumps up*

tanty said...

i have to say it here,it is one beautiful poem and it brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.i don't do that often so you know i mean it,well done.

Reggie said...

Yeah I wrote all goofy smart ass poems and she pulls of an amazing poem like this. I love it ;)

Chloe said...

Thank you guys!