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Just saying hi,

I'm one of the writers for This Blog Has No Title. For a bit of an introduction out of the four of us I'm the youngest. I guess you can also say I'm the newest fan. I've been a fan since 2002, and I've had an Elton website before. I can say I'm sort of knowledgeable of Elton. I wouldn't say I'm the best, but I do know my stuff. The most exciting thing about being an Elton fan is the ability to find best friends. This blog is an example of that.

I think the goal for this blog is to bring back the magic that Elton once had on the web. The ability for his music to bring different people together and rekindle old friendships. That's what Elton stands for and hopefully this blog shows it. Even through the sassy, crude, and opinions this board has, hopefully people will see it.

I'm normally more sassy than sentimental.


P.S This is our Elton John Message Board. Please feel free to join and take a look around and even post. Its a lonely board and needs more EJ fans.


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Reggie said...

That was really well written and you made a lot of valid points. I miss the old days where it was fun forum jumping each day. Now a lot of fans have taken to Facebook instead, which can be fun, but certainly not the same.